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200-Hour Training Course

This course is designed to guide students on the path to becoming an excellent yoga teacher. Course work is built on the traditions of Hatha and Ayurvedic Yoga.  Teaching is complex skill. The training breaks the skills into small manageable bits and provides time for small group work, discussion, practice and lecture. Each weekend builds on the next integrating practice, teaching, theory and skill building.  The course integrates modern science with ancient yoga theory and practice to provide an in-depth understanding of the mind/body connection.  Teacher training culminates with an 8-day teaching intensive.  Trainees have an opportunity to put all the skills together for a number of teaching practices.   Basic Yoga Teacher Training begins every September and ends in March. Email YogaGemLLC.com for the reading list and specific dates.

Total cost of the training is $2800.  Payments of $500/month and $300 for the weeklong intensive are due at the beginning of each multi-day session.

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200-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

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300-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

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300-Hour Training Course

Yoga Teacher Training classes begin every April at Yoga Gem.  This course builds on the skill set teachers acquire after completing a 200 hour level course.  Yoga Gem’s classes are set up so students can go straight from 200 to the 300-hour course if they desire to do so. 

Principles of Hatha and Ayurvedic yoga are incorporated into concepts of healthy yoga communities and teaching to specialty groups of students.  Trainees focus on incorporating yoga into the lives of students along the health-illness spectrum.  Anatomy includes a deep dive into the senses relating it back to Sankya philosophy.  Concepts from western science are presented to compare and contrast to ancient Indian theory of health and wellness for a holistic perspective.  Trainees are encouraged to use the theories they find most helpful in refining their own teaching style.

Yoga Gem welcomes graduates of other teacher training programs to our 300 hour course.  Student diversity, including alternate foundational education make for a strong training program.  Cost of the program is $4,200. Payable in $350/month increments at the beginning of each 3-day yoga session.

Studio owners interested in incorporating portions of the Yoga Gem Curriculum into their program and make arrangements by contacting Liz Campbell at yogagemllc@gmail.com .

Advanced 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training begins in April. Classes meet Friday 2-7, Saturday 8-5, and Sunday 8-3. Additional weekly asana classes are required on Zoom or at the studio.