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Zoom Class Descriptions


Zoom Class Descriptions

Chair Yoga

Gentle yet powerful yoga that will meet the body where it is.
If you have difficulty getting up and down off the floor, or sitting on the floor, or limited balance Chair Yoga can improve your functional mobility and reduce aches and pains of living with an older body.

Level One

A basic practice that will rotate among standing, seated, hands and knees, and supine poses. The class will focus on mindful alignment and energetic balance. The practice works with breath, pose counterpose to unblock energy or prana.

Yoga Foundations

Seated poses are practice in a chair, and we add standing and supine poses to the mix. Designed for the busy working person looking for stress management along with their exercise.

Office Break Yoga

A 30-minute practice designed as a noontime break for those working at home or at the office. This relaxing Friday practice is a reward for all the hard work you do every day. Poses range from chair to standing. Time flies by, and students are refreshed and ready for the weekend.

Therapeutic Elements

This practice is done laying on your back on the floor. It is great for low back pain or if you cannot stand or sit for a full class. The core is strengthened and the lower back is gently stretched. Gentle range of motion for the joints and muscles is included. Energetically, it is a grounding practice.

Bone Health

Taught by Sandy Carmony of Straight Up Yoga. This class focuses on using gravity and physiology to focus yoga practice on building strong bones and straight spines. Chairs are often used as yoga props and the practices are appropriate for all levels of students.

Lullaby Yoga

This practice is done laying on your back on the floor. Exercises to stretch and release stress are practiced as the core is strengthened and the lower back is stretched. Energetically, the practice is intended to calm and ready students for a restful night’s sleep.

Weekend Wake Up

Saturday mornings are the opportunity for the most dynamic class Yoga Gem LLC offers. This class brings in some more advanced poses and a few gently flows from pose to counterpose. The practices are a little more energetic and uplifting to wash away the worries of the workweek. This is a great start to the weekend.

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